About Us

Seed and Straw sprouted (excuse the pun) from my love of culture and handcrafts. I thrive on seeing new places and experiencing the exchanges that happen when two cultures meet. Through my journeys, I have encountered many talented artisans who are trying to make a living off their craft. It is sad to see how little they charge for their work and how many of their traditional skills have not found a place in the modern world. I hope to play a part in changing this.

Besides travelling, or when travelling, one of my favourite things to do is sit around a room with people sharing stories and food (and drink of course). When I began thinking about starting a fair trade business, I thought, why not combine this with my love of handcrafts and bring a collection of handmade goods right into people’s homes, where the stories behind the products can really be told.

Seed and Straw is all about making connections; connections between people and to the objects we surround ourselves with. I believe in honouring the skill and time it takes to make a good product. Our support of our artisans speaks to the value of people and the earth.

Thank you for visiting. Enjoy the products and their stories and invite me over some time!

Gloria Tsui
Founder of Seed and Straw

Mission Statement

To offer people more exposure and accessibility to local and global fair trade goods.
To keep traditional handcrafting skills alive.
To play a part in the alleviation of global poverty.
To celebrate connections and love life.