Home Parties

“Hosting a Seed and Straw party is a fun way to support a company that promotes fair trade practices and encourages sustainable small businesses and communities around the world.  The products are fabulous, and with 30% off for hosting, why wouldn’t you do it?  My favourites are the market bolgas and natural skin care.  Gloria provides a very relaxed and comfortable party experience.  There is something for everyone at Seed and Straw!”  –  Laura Collini, party host

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What is a home market party?
A home market party is like a normal party where the host invites family and friends to their home to have some fun. The difference is the host will also invite me to bring along my supply of fair trade goods to sell at the party. It’s like having a mini market in your home with your friends where you can buy some great stuff.
What do I have to do if I host?
As a host, you will do the things you’d typically do when hosting a party, such as setting a date and place (Parties don’t have to happen at your home. They could be at your company, school or a community space etc.), inviting guests and preparing some snacks if you’d like. You could even decorate or make it a theme party. Customize it however you’d like!
What are the perks for the host?
To make it even more worth your while, as a host you get a gift of $25 to spend on any Seed and Straw products of your choice. As well, you'll get 30% off all additional products you buy and lots of appreciation from me!
Do I have to sell stuff as a host?
Does it cost money to host?
No. You don’t pay me for a kit full of products or anything like that. The only costs would be for food and drinks for your guests if you choose to provide them.
How many guests should I invite?
The more the merrier! The parties could range from small 6-person gatherings to larger 50-person bashes. It depends on the space you have available. Just let me know in advance how many guests you expect.
What’s the best way to invite people?
You can invite people through any means that works for you - email, Facebook, phone, Evite etc. Be sure to include a link to this website so your guests can have a sneak peek of the products they will be meeting. If you choose to use Evite, I will send you the Seed and Straw logo so you can customize your invitation.
How do guests pay for their products?
Purchases can be made with cash, cheque, or credit.
Can guests pre-order?
In your invitation, encourage your guests to check out this website. If they are interested in particular items, they can email me and let me know beforehand. That way I can do my best to bring enough of those products to the party.
What happens if a product is not available at the party?
If a product sells out at your party but there are more people who want it, I can arrange to deliver the product to you at a later date and your friends can pick it up whenever it is convenient.
Any other questions?
Please feel free to contact me at gloria@seedandstraw.com.