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“I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the Seed and Straw party. Shopping with friends, a glass of wine and no pressure. I came away with a beautiful basket for my son’s toys – which is perfect for him and looks great in our living room turned play room – and some all-natural locally made products to pamper myself with.” – Beth Fawcett, partygoer

“I hosted a Seed and Straw party and had a blast! Most of all, I like the idea of shopping guilt free and that buying these products is actually benefiting those who crafted them. These products make great gifts as there’s always a fascinating story behind them.”
– Cristina Peralejo, party host

“Hosting a Seed and Straw party is a fun way to support a company that promotes fair trade practices and encourages sustainable small businesses and communities around the world.  The products are fabulous, and with 30% off for hosting, why wouldn’t you do it?  My favourites are the market bolgas and natural skin care products.  Gloria provides a very very relaxed and comfortable party experience.  There is something for everyone at Seed and Straw!”  – Laura Collini, party host

“I was truly delighted to host a home party featuring Seed and Straw!  Gloria made the whole process easy and it was great to add a fun theme to a gathering of friends, while sipping some Fair trade wine.  Being able to buy unique beautiful fair trade products in my home from a trusted source at a fair price, without having to go to a market or store, was a pleasure in that we had time to hear the amazing stories behind these Fair trade products:  the gorgeous Rainforest candles made from the seeds of the Arrayan tree (which lasts longer than beeswax) and provide a much needed source of income for the locals of Guatemala, for example.  Or the exquisite Tree of Life earrings from Cambodia, transformed from bomb casings.  Or the incredible Vancouver based Fable bath and body products.  Not to mention the much coveted beautiful baskets from Ghana!  As everyone’s trying to make more responsible socially conscious choices when buying everyday products or gifts for others these days, we could all feel good about buying the quality Fair trade goods sold by Seed and Straw.   Thanks again Gloria!  – Robin Baugh, party host